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  • version 1.0 - Thu Mar 04 00:00:00 CET 2021


  • Process a check on the coupling table (results available in the RM checker logs)
  • Process comparison between :
    • coupling table and central catalogue (check if all coupling table entries are present in the catalogue)
    • local embedded database and central catalogue (check if all catalog entries are present in the local embedded database)
    Population allowed: false
    last date: Wed Oct 23 10:43:23 CEST 2019
    in progress: false
  • Download last synchro/population results as csv: synchro.csv


  • embeddedDatabase_path : /home/RM/RMDatabase/rmDatabase.odb
  • status: OK


OS: linux, version 4.9.0-14-amd64 | Tomcat version: Apache Tomcat/8.5.54 (Debian) | JAVA: 1.8.0_275//usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre | RM API version: 1.0 (1.0.45) | Octopus version: 1.5.3


RM configuration is valid

Automatic parameters

parameter value status
harvest_metadata_path /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ReplicationManager/WEB-INF/HARVEST_METADATA OK
harvest_data_path /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ReplicationManager/WEB-INF/HARVEST_DATA OK
harvest_orders_path /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ReplicationManager/WEB-INF/HARVEST_ORDERS OK

Custom parameters

parameter value status
embeddedDatabase_backupDirectory_path /home/RM/RMDatabase/backups OK
embeddedDatabase_path /home/RM/RMDatabase/rmDatabase.odb OK
edmo_code 310 OK
test_mode false OK
proxy_host OK
proxy_port OK
unitsTranslationFile_path null OK
tmpDirectory_path /home/RM/workspace/tmp OK
queueDirectory_path /home/RM/workspace/queue OK
externalResources_period_days 1 OK
externalResources_period_time 2021-03-05T23:30:00.178+01:00[Europe/Madrid] OK
externalResources_path /home/RM/conf/externalResources OK
readyToSendCDIs_path /home/RM/workspace/readyToSendCDIs OK
archive_path /home/RM/ARCHIVES
(totalSpace: 62679.0Mb ; usableSpace: 36143.0Mb)
production_path /home/RM/PRODUCTION OK
data_path /mnt/RM/RMData/data OK
mapping_files_path /mnt/RM/RMData/mapping OK
coupling_table_type false OK (file)
coupling_table_file_path /mnt/RM/RMData/coupling.txt OK
maris_api_url_test OK
maris_api_url_production OK